FUJINON SX800 | Long Range Surveillance System Industrial

FUJINON SX800 | Long Range Surveillance System

FUJIFILM dares to enter the surveillance camera market with its first own surveillance system. This new camera system sets new standards in many respects and enables you to take completely new approaches in surveillance.

The most important features of the SX800

There are several features that make the SX800 a unique monitoring system.

The lens is fixed and covers a focal length range of 20-800mm. In combination with the 1/1.8″ sensor and the Full HD resolution you can monitor even distant targets. The integrated optical and electronic image stabilizer gives you sharp and blur-free images. A very special feature is the heat haze / fog reduction technology. When shooting at great distances, the effects of heat flicker and fog can be reduced. This allows you to achieve much better image quality and meet even higher safety requirements. The fast autofocus ensures precise focusing in just about one second. This allows you to change focal lengths quickly without losing a lot of time focusing.

This surveillance system – which can also be used on the move – is very quickly ready for use because the lens and camera are in a fixed housing. Only a few points need to be considered during installation and the time required is significantly reduced compared to previous systems.

Features at a glance

  • Focal length from 20mm-800mm
  • Optical and electronic image stabilizer
  • Highspeed autofocus, continuous autofocus
  • Very bright with up to ISO 819’200
  • Heat Haze/Fog Reduction

Applications of the SX800

In recent years it has become more and more common to install remote monitoring systems at international borders, in wooded areas and public places (airports, railway stations, motorways…). All too often, however, heat flicker and wind caused quality problems. When taking pictures at great distances, even the smallest vibrations caused by windy weather resulted in a severe loss of quality.

With the new FUJIFILM SX800 surveillance camera, this is no longer necessary. The Heat Haze and Fog reduction make it possible to take better pictures at greater distances and the optical image stabilizer ensures wobble-free shots in windy weather.

Watch the video for an insight into the capabilities of the new surveillance system.

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