Customized automotive and aircraft parts 3D-Solutions

Customized automotive and aircraft parts

Designunity, a design studio based in Zurich, develops product and design concepts for companies from a wide range of business sectors. Under the name “Reverse- Custom”, the company develops various individualized one-off products for the driving and aircraft industries.

What problem should be solved?

The established design studio wanted to offer individual parts for vehicles and aircraft with a new idea. To do this, the company was looking for a way to digitally capture and edit these individual parts. In a further step, these models were then to be produced using additive manufacturing. The company has solid CAD and AM knowledge and needed further advice in the area of reverse engineering. At the same time, the finished parts had to comply with the Road Traffic Act (SVG).

3D scanners for industry

How was the solution found?

An important component of the solution was a suitable 3D scanner. CHROMOS 3D Solutions had to evaluate different 3D scanners and then perform various scan tests on vehicles.

In a second step, SVG-compliant materials and printing technologies were researched. Strict specifications must be met on all parts for use on the road or in the air.

In order to expand the existing knowledge in the areas of 3D scanning and reverse engineering, CHROMOS 3D Solutions conducted an individual training. The team is now able to scan objects themselves and prepare them for 3D printing.

In the last step, CHROMOS 3D Solutions produced some components that reflected the elaborated solution. 

  • Evaluate and test 3D scanners
  • Research SVG compliant materials and technologies
  • Trainings
  • AM-compliant part design with subsequent manufacturing
Customized automotive and aircraft parts 3D-Solutions

What advantages have resulted?

For the company, the solution from CHROMOS 3D Solutions resulted in several advantages. Thanks to additive manufacturing, the company can now produce individual parts in small quantities. The entire process up to the production of the parts has been digitized, resulting in savings of time and resources. The company’s customers also benefit from the digitization of the process. The desired design can now be adapted virtually and quickly together with them.

  • Quantity 1+ manufacturing capabilities
  • Mass customization of automotive and aircraft parts
  • Digitized process
  • Design development with client – online

The company also gained a good overview of successful 3D scanning and reverse engineering through the training.

In the future, further advantages will arise if the project is continued. Among other things, a digital parts warehouse can be created. Manufacturing is then just a click away. In addition, other industries can be served with mass customization, such as orthopedics and medical technology.  

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