CHROMOS Industrial

Measure, test, monitor, analyse, visualise, automate, produce: Under the umbrella of CHROMOS Industrial, industry, medicine, education and research will find the tools to stay competitive in the age of Industry 4.0.Our core skill is the ability to design profitable and outstanding solutions across divisions with innovative systems for machine vision, collaborative robotics, deep learning, high-speed imaging, product labelling, and 3D printing.

Machine Vision

As a leading solution developer for machine vision, we have been optimising production processes for over 35 years. Our complete solutions monitor, measure and analyse, increase product quality, save costs, and ensure competitiveness.

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Collaborating Robots

As the official distributor for Universal Robots, we are the hub for collaborative robotics in Switzerland. Together with our certified integrators, we promote the flexible automation of repetitive processes.

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3D Solutions

CHROMOS Industrial guides companies with a unique combination of products and services towards the effective and profitable implementation of additive manufacturing methods.

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CHROMOS Industrial has been enabling Swiss producers to reliably and efficiently mark their products and packaging for over 40 years. Thanks to their reliability, sturdiness and flexibility, the systems are easy to install and operate. We meet high productivity requirements with leading solutions and expert, prompt service.

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For more than 35 years, CHROMOS Industrial has been thecompetence centre for visualising and analysing fast processesusing state-of-the-art highspeed imaging systems. Our experts’analytical skills and sound experience make hidden things visible and enable the acquisition of comprehensive knowledge.

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