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3D technologies around additive manufacturing like 3D printing, 3D scanning or 3D data handling gain increasing importance in different economy and education sectors. With these technologies, existing value chains can be shortened, or complicated processes can be simplified. The independence from supply chains as well as the simpler, individualizable and cost-effective service production are further arguments in favor of these technologies.

CHROMOS 3D Solutions has set itself the goal to accompany customers comprehensively on their way through this new world full of potentials.

3D Drucker für die Industrie

3D Printers

Here you will find our wide selection of 3D printers for every application. We offer FDM, SLA and SLS devices from leading suppliers.

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3D Printing Services

Here you can find our online 3D printing platform, 3D scanning service and information about education and consulting services.

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3D Scanner für die Industrie

3D Scanners

3D scanners for the digitalization of objects. The right devices for all applications, from simple design assistance to high-precision scans in quality control.

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3D Druck Material für die Industrie

3D Printing Material

We offer the right material for every 3D printer and are happy to advise you on material selection. You can also purchase materials from third party suppliers that have been tested and approved by us.

3D Printing Material

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3D Printer, 3D Scanner & 3D Printing Material

With a broad portfolio of 3D printers, we cover almost all needs and applications related to 3D printing. With the 3D scanners from Calibry and Evatronix, we also offer scanners for beginners up to professional quality control. We also offer a wide range of solutions in terms of materials.

Contact us for a consultation and we will help you find the right solution for you.