We are the distributor of Universal Robots (UR) in Switzerland. Lightweight rob ots make the automation of many processes in production or logistics possible. The robot arms from UR are ideally suited for this. They can be easily integrated into existing production environments. Thanks to six joints and unrivalled flexibility, they are able to mimic the movements of a human arm. In addition, they are quick to set up and easy to program. This means that they can be put to work quickly for you too.

What can be automated with a cobot?

There are many applications that can be automated with a collaborative robot (cobot). They range from gluing and assembly to pick & place. It is precisely these processes that a robotic arm can perform more efficiently and consistently.
Visit www.cobots.ch to learn more about the possible applications for a cobot.

Who uses collaborative robots?

Many companies already rely on the capabilities of Universal Robots’ collaborative robots. Many companies have been able to maintain production and successfully address the skills shortage as a result.
See case studies to learn about other companies and their cobot deployments.


The UR3e cobot is flexible and highly precise. This cobot is the ideal entry into automation. It has a maximum payload of 3Kg and a working radius of 500mm.

More about the UR3e


The UR5e collaborative robot can quickly automate hazardous and repetitive tasks. Its maximum payload is 5Kg and the working radius is 850mm. This makes it perfectly equipped.

More about the UR5e


The UR10e Cobot is ideal for tasks that require a longer reach and payload.
This is easily possible thanks to the payload of 10Kg and the working radius of 1300mm.

More about the UR10e


The UR16e is the newest member of the Cobot family. It is significantly more powerful with a slightly smaller working radius.
With him is a maximum payload of 16Kg at a maximum working radius 900mm.

More about the UR16e

Test a Cobot

You are still unsure about the functions and would like to see whether a Cobot is worthwhile for use in your company?
We can understand that. That’s why you can easily arrange a free Cobot demo. We will visit you at your company or conduct the demo online. It’s entirely up to you.

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