Good light is necessary for high-speed exposures. This will perfectly illuminate the application and enable the right results. We have a large selection of light sources, which perfectly fit your projects.

Laser illumination

Cavitar laser illumination for demanding high-speed applications.

  • Cavilux HF

    High performance lighting from Cavitar.

  • Cavilux Smart

    Intelligent high performance lighting from Cavitar.

Halogen lamps

  • ARRI M8

    ARRI M8

    Daylight floodlight from the successful ARRI M-Series.


MultiLED exposure for all high-speed applications.


    MultiLED G9

    Powerful distributor for up to 9 luminaires.

  • MultiLED MT+

    MultiLED MT+

    The MuliLED MT+ is a self-contained lamp head for continuous operation.

  • MultiLED QT

    MultiLED QT

    The MuliLED QT is a self-contained lamp head for continuous operation.

  • MultiLED ST

    MultiLED ST

    Small power pack with 7000 lumens.

  • Veritas Constellation C120E

    Veritas Constellation 120E

    Constellation Series luminaires integrate high-intensity LEDs and multifunctional controllers in a compact package.

  • Veritas Constellation 500Quad

    Veritas Constellation 500Quad

    Extremely bright LED combination.

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Fiber optic lighting

Compact fiber optic illumination for hard to reach places.

  • Schott CV-LS

    Schott CV-LS

    Highly efficient light output in a compact design.