Industrial image processing

Industrial image processing is becoming increasingly important for many companies. The reasons for this are obvious. With machine vision systems, costs can be saved, product quality improved and output increased.We would like to help you achieve these goals. With the perfect combination of industrial cameras, lighting and accessories we can offer you complete systems. To determine the optimal system for your application, our consultants are happy to assist you.


In order to fully utilize your machine vision system, good lighting is usually required. With us you will find suitable lighting for your industrial image processing.

  • Axial lights

    Axial lights evenly illuminate reflective surfaces.

  • Bar and line lights

    Beam - and line lights for versatile applications.

  • Dome and darkfield lighting

    Dome and darkfield illumination for precise surface analysis.

  • Backlights

    Backlights for a wide range of applications.

  • Projectors

    Projectors for a wide range of applications.

  • Ring Lights

    Ring lights for consistent illumination.

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Intelligent Systems

Intelligent cameras are all-in-one vision solutions that integrate acquisition, image processing and communication functions in a compact, stand-alone housing.

  • Retina Deep Learning Software

    The innovative Deep Learning Software from Switzerland.

  • Embedded Vision

    Our embedded systems have the benefit of low space, energy and memory consumption.

  • Eye Vision Software

    ETV's EyeVision software forms the basis for numerous measurement and inspection tasks in industrial image processing.

  • Smart Cameras

    Automatic image processing on the computer.

  • Vision Sensors

    Vision sensors for special applications.

Optical Filters

Our optical filters are ideal for optimizing your image processing system.


    Allow several narrow spectra to pass, one in the NIR range, for ITS applications.


    For correcting the colour temperature of white light sources such as Xenon.


    Allow a wide spectrum of longer-wave light to pass through.


    To reduce the light intensity without affecting the colours and contrast.


    To reduce reflections and increase contrast and colour saturation.


    To protect against dirt, dust, liquids, etc. without impairing the image quality.

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Personal consultation is important to us

With us you receive personal and individual advice. After all, you want to use the finished systems quickly and without complications. We make sure that all components fit together and are suitable for your application. This is hardly possible without a personal consultation.We look forward to being able to help you.

For which applications is industrial image processing suitable?

  • Inspections
  • Measurements
  • Identifications
  • Guided tours