Our lenses, whether standard lenses, macro lenses or telecentric lenses, have all been thoroughly tested by us. Our products have been specially developed for industry and R&D and are of the highest quality. Choosing the right lens, however, is not always easy. Especially in the industrial sector or in research, the requirements are very high for a highspeed camera setup, which should illustrate ultra-fast processes. With the right lens, the desired result is guaranteed.

Contact our consultants, who will be happy to support you in selecting the right setup so that your highspeed application can also work successfully.

Macro lenses

Slowing down and zooming in is no problem with our macro lenses on a highspeed camera. Microscopic processes can be magnified and illustrated many times over.

  • Leica Z16 APO Lens

    The macro lens from Leica delivers detailed images for precise analyses. Highlights are the modular design and the 16:1 zoom system. The Leica Z16 APO objective - The perfect partner for macro imaging in the high-speed range.

  • Navitar 12x Zoom System

    High resolution special lens from Navitar with 12x zoom.

  • Navitar MicroMate

    High resolution special lens from Navitar for 4/3" sensors.

  • Navitar Resolv4K

    High resolution special lens from Navitar.

  • Navitar Zoom 6000 System

    High resolution special lens from Navitar with 6x zoom.

  • Precise Eye Fixed Lens System

    High resolution special lens from Navitar.

Standard Lenses

Whether high resolution, fast or compact, complete your highspeed camera application with our standard lenses selected manufacturers.


    Proven optical design in a robust metal housing. Excellent image quality especially for industrial and technical applications.

  • ZEISS Milvus

    The lens series for the highest demands.

  • Navitar NMV Series

    For many standard applications in the high-speed range.

Telecentric Lenses

Our telecentric lenses for high-speed cameras enable the imaging of three-dimensional objects without perspective distortions. Among other things, this enables very precise measurements of the object without the dimensions of the object being distorted by small displacements.

  • Moritex MLZ Lenses

    Zoom lenses from Moritex

  • Moritex MML NIR Lenses

    Special lenses for special applications.

  • Computar TEC Series

    Telecentric lenses from Computar.

  • Moritex HR Series

    Telecentric lenses from Moritex.

  • Moritex MTL Series (Bi-telecentric)

    Telecentric lenses from Moritex.

  • Moritex MML-SR Series

    Telecentric lenses from Moritex.

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