MultiLED products cover all high speed camera applications and many machine vision applications. For example, some MultiLED products cover sub-microsecond exposure time, monochromatic light, or give you enough light to completely close the aperture at a few microseconds exposure time. Developed from decades of experience with thousands of customer projects in mind, MultiLED products provide ultra powerful lighting at an affordable price.

    MultiLED G9

    Powerful distributor for up to 9 luminaires.

  • MultiLED MT+

    MultiLED MT+

    The MuliLED MT+ is a self-contained lamp head for continuous operation.

  • MultiLED QT

    MultiLED QT

    The MuliLED QT is a self-contained lamp head for continuous operation.

  • MultiLED ST

    MultiLED ST

    Small power pack with 7000 lumens.

  • Veritas Constellation C120E

    Veritas Constellation 120E

    Constellation Series luminaires integrate high-intensity LEDs and multifunctional controllers in a compact package.

  • Veritas Constellation 500Quad

    Veritas Constellation 500Quad

    Extremely bright LED combination.

  • GSVITEC L-Series

    GSVITEC L-Series

  • MultiLED R-S8

    Extremely bright and adjustable LED ring light.

  • MultiLED R200 – R100

    Very powerful macro high-speed light.

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