For almost 70 years customers have trusted us as a reliable, competent trading partner. Our wide range of camera systems covers the market for image processing, video surveillance and broadcast. Thanks to the acquisition of Videal AG, we are now also the largest supplier in the Swiss market in the field of high-speed camera systems, with around 30 years of experience and thus your first point of contact.

Industrial Image Processing

With us you will find top products for industrial image processing in the machine vision sector.


We are the competence center for the sale and rental of professional equipment such as high-speed cameras and ready-to-use solutions for 3D motion analysis. For this purpose, we use systems for optical representation such as high-speed video cameras. Combined with system-bound measurement data acquisition, they provide the basis for meaningful evaluations.

Cinema & Broadcast

In television and cinema production, a lot has changed in terms of functionality and picture quality. FUJIFILM is setting new standards with broadcast, cinema and videoconferencing lenses from FUJINON and battery systems from Anton Bauer.

Measurement Films

  • Forge Guard

    Security technology to combat counterfeiting and product piracy.

  • Prescale pressure measurement film

    Unique measuring foil to determine the distribution and strength of the pressure.

  • Thermoscale Film

    Measuring foil to determine the heat distribution and intensity.

  • UV Scale Film

    Measuring film for the analysis of the UV light acting on a specific surface.

Medical Image Processing

  • BASLER MED ACE Cameras

    A camera series specially developed for the Medical & Life Sciences sector.


Video surveillance is not only an integral part of every security concept, but is also used in industry and medicine, among other areas. Here you will find surveillance cameras and surveillance accessories as well as professional and semi-professional binoculars from FUJINON.

Our camera systems are used for distant, large objects in astronomy up to ultra-small objects in the micron range, cover the spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared and speeds of up to 1 million images per second.