Take a look at the extensive range of high-speed cameras with different resolutions and speeds.

With over 28 years of experience in visualizing fast processes through 3D motion analysis using high-speed cameras, we have become a professional with extensive know-how in many application areas.

Numerous industries regularly make use of our services for high-speed motion analysis because they are convinced of our expertise. Industries such as aerospace, automotive and food industry benefit from our applications and our professional equipment.

Highspeed Cameras

You want to analyze fast movements? Then high-speed cameras are essential.
When analyzing production lines, for example, fast movements must be analyzed. Also in research and development high-speed cameras are necessary to slow down fast processes.

  • IDT OS Series

    High-speed cameras for demanding conditions.

  • IDT O Series

    Compact and very robust high-speed camera series.


    High-resolution camera for demanding applications.


    For compact and light sensitive applications.


    High-resolution camera for demanding applications.


    For compact and light sensitive applications.

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  • Xcitex ProAnalyst

    ProAnalyst is a software package for automatically measuring moving objects in video.


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    Cable accessories

    Cable for high-speed cameras.

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    Converters and extension rings

    C- / F-mount adapter with aperture ring.

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    Trigger systems

    Hand trigger and foot trigger for remote triggering of the high-speed cameras.