The new FUJINON SX800 remote monitoring system for challenging monitoring tasks

FUJINON SX800 - The unique remote monitoring system

The new FUJINON SX800 remote monitoring system is perfect for challenging monitoring tasks thanks to its outstanding features. Its unique features enable the surveillance system to take good pictures even under difficult conditions.

Unique features

With the 40x zoom (20-800mm), even objects a few kilometers away can be observed. Since stability and heat shimmering play a major role at this long distance, the system has a few other important features. The integrated optical image stabilizer ensures a blur-free image, even at great distances and in windy conditions. To reduce heat shimmer on warm days, FUJIFILM has equipped the surveillance system with Heat Haze / Fog Reduction technology to improve the image quality. This means that the system can be used even in foggy or hot weather. The Night Vision capabilities are also impressive. Due to the high light sensitivity, low-noise color images are possible even in the dark. If the light is absolutely insufficient, you can use the IR filter.

Fields of application of the FUJINON SX800

The SX800 surveillance system is ideally suited for many police tasks. This system can be used to monitor and secure borders, forests, airports, harbours and other public places.

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