Highspeed Camera Rental

Rent a highspeed camera now if you want to analyze fast movements.

Why rent a highspeed camera?

The purchase of a new highspeed camera system is not always worthwhile. Especially for single and temporary projects such an investment is not always reasonable.
Therefore we offer you the highspeed camera rental. The rental is possible as pure equipment rental or as rental with operator. In most cases the rental with operator is the most reasonable.
Then successful recordings are guaranteed and you save valuable time during setup and execution.

According to your specifications, our experts will check whether highspeed recording of your applications is possible.
Simply contact us and an expert will get back to you.

Highspeed camera with equipment

Because it is not always worthwhile to invest in an own system, our high-quality highspeed cameras including accessories can be rented.

  • daily rental of complete camera systems and special accessories from leading manufacturers
  • Standard: Camera, lens, lighting and tripod set and a control unit

Including operator

Our highspeed specialist realizes professional recordings according to your wishes with the equipment rented from us.

  • Delivery of the recordings after an evaluation and detailed discussion
  • Image rights are with you
  • A non-disclosure agreement is possible

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