Compact high-speed camera with “pay-as-you-record”.


J-PRI - compact 5 megapixel high-speed camera

The AOS J-PRI is a compact 5 megapixel high-speed camera that is available in three different versions.
Due to the maximum frame rate of 32,000 fps, many applications are possible. All in all, this makes it an extremely capable high-speed camera that is suitable for many projects.

One of the special highlights is the “Pay-as-you-Record” (PAR) concept. You only pay for the higher performance camera if you actually use it.
For individual projects you book a licence and after entering it you can use the camera for 24 hours. This allows billing for specific projects and is easy on your budget.

The ingenious advantages for your business

  • High-resolution colour images as required
  • Project-based billing thanks to PAR
  • High frame rate for demanding projects

What is pay-as-you-record?

Further information

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