The Sinterit SLS printing powder was developed by the printer manufacturer itself. It is therefore designed specifically for our Sinterit 3D printers and harmonizes perfectly.
With the right printing material, you ensure that you ultimately receive a high-quality print product. Especially in the SLS printing process, where the powder is fused layer by layer by a high-power laser, the choice of the right material is of eminent importance.

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  • Sinterit Flexa Bright

    275.00 CHF/kg (2kg) plus VAT.
    Excellent for the production of very soft, elastic parts.

  • Sinterit Flexa Grey

    176.00 CHF/kg (2kg) | 165.00 CHF/kg (6kg) plus VAT.
    The powder is ideal for many functional prototypes and end-use applications.

  • Sinterit Flexa Soft

    242.00 CHF/kg (2kg) plus VAT.
    Excellent for the production of very soft, elastic parts.

  • sinterit sls material pa11 cf

    Sinterit PA11 CF Powder (Carbon Fiber)

    165.00 CHF/kg (6kg) plus VAT.
    Thanks to carbon fibers, one of the strongest and most versatile materials available on the powder market for SLS printing technology.

  • Sinterit PA11 ESD

    176.00 CHF/kg (2kg) plus VAT.
    Especially suitable for electrostatically safe parts for the electronics and automotive industries.

  • Sinterit PA11 Onyx

    154.00 CHF/kg (2kg) | 143.00 CHF/kg (6kg) plus VAT.
    Suitable for the production of impact and weather resistant components.

  • Sinterit PA12 Smooth

    143.00 CHF/kg (2kg) | 132.00 CHF/kg (6kg) plus VAT.
    Suitable for high temperature applications and parts that need to be heat resistant.

  • Sinterit Polypropylene (PP)

    165.00 CHF/kg (6kg) plus VAT.
    Polypropylene is suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Sinterit TPE

    209.00 CHF/kg (2kg) plus VAT.
    Excellent for printing prototypes and elastic products.

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