Ax-Serie Kontinuierlicher Tintenstrahldrucker Eier

What’s next for Domino Printing’s A-Series?

As of the beginning of 2020, Domino Inkjets A100, A200, A300 and A400 are no longer supported by Domino. Until now, our technicians have nevertheless carried out repairs and service. We would like to continue this until the end of 2021.
After 2021, however, we can no longer support the A series. Service or repair will then no longer be possible.

What are your options now?

Since 2017, the current system-compatible Domino Inkjet devices of the AX series have been available. Like the A320i and A420i from 2012, these also have a reduced service requirement. Once a year, only the iTech module needs to be replaced here. No external technicians are required for this. Within 10 minutes you can change this module yourself.
So by switching to the AX series, you save running costs and are even more independent of service appointments. Existing head mount, photocell and encoder can still be used.
In addition, A-Series inks in the food industry no longer meet the requirements of the new food law. A-Series devices may therefore no longer be used in the food industry and other areas.

However, there may be other options. We can check for you whether an inkjet device is still the best solution for your application. In the meantime, another marking solution may be more suitable. We will be happy to advise you.

What support do we offer?

We continue to support you with the latest equipment from Domino. In addition, we can offer you support for checking print presence and checking marking with camera systems.

Want to learn more about Domino equipment and our control systems? Then drop by or contact us and make an appointment.

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