Why the watch industry relies on high-speed recordings and why they can help you too Highspeed

Why the watch industry relies on high-speed recordings and why they can help you too

Switzerland is known all over the world for its watches. We are all the more pleased that almost all (or the vast majority) of watch manufacturers rely on us as their partner for highspeed cameras.
For more than 30 years, the former Videal AG and today’s highspeed department in our company has been the partner of many watch manufacturers and the largest supplier in Switzerland in this field.

How do high-speed recordings work?

High-speed recordings or slow-motion recordings are video recordings of fast-moving objects. The high frame rate makes it possible to play back the recordings at a significantly slower rate. Fast-moving processes can thus be analyzed with the appropriate software.

Why are high-speed recordings important?

Product quality plays a very important role in the watch industry. “Swissmade” stands for unique quality and ingenuity. The recordings of the high-speed cameras help quite particularly in research and development and fault finding during production.

The movement of a wristwatch consists of many small parts that move quickly. Displayed only slowed down, you can see how these small parts react to shocks and falls, for example.
This is impossible without high-speed recordings. The watchmaking industry in Switzerland can thus benefit from further analysis and improve product quality even further.

How do other companies benefit?

But it’s not just the watch industry that benefits from high-speed imaging. Many other companies that produce or develop should use highspeed cameras for their advantage. In particular, companies with production lines, packaging lines, filling lines and R&D departments where fast processes exist can improve their insights with highspeed cameras.

We have already been able to carry out exciting projects with many companies and thus contribute to the development of new products or the improvement of existing products or processes.

High-speed cameras are particularly helpful during production. In some cases, there are production lines that work at rapid speed. Here to find the cause of a production error is hardly possible with the human eye.
Has your production line ever stood still for hours and you could not find the error? Then you know this.
The recordings of the high-speed cameras show you exactly where the problem is and what you need to change. Sometimes it is just the settings of a machine, but sometimes there are mechanical problems. The slow-motion recordings allow easy visualization so that the necessary adjustments can be made quickly and the downtime remains short.

Would you like to learn more about the potential for high-speed recording in your company? Then contact us. Together we look at your project and analyze the possibilities.

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