"Great opportunities for Chromos and Toppan" Group

„Great opportunities for Chromos and Toppan“

On the occasion of an interview on the Flexible Packaging market and its future we’ve got some insights from Mr. Tatewaki, Executive Officer, Head of Global Division Toppan USA, Inc.

How will Food Packaging grow in the Future?

Thinking about food packaging, which should include cans, glass jars, plastic bottles, pouches and also paper based cartons it is
much sure, that flexible packaging will grow consistently 3% – 5% per year. And there will be an additional shift  from existing packing formats to flexible pouches, which could generally push growth of flexible packaging not only in the food area.

Which is Toppan’s insight towards the Flexible Packaging Market and answer to future challenges?

Sustainability demands with less plastic materials and high barrier demands for mono-material pouches are challenges and opportunities. Major players in the food industry and home care industry already made a commitment for 100% sustainability packaging by 2025 or 2030.

How does Toppan position itself with the high barrier films on this topic?

Well, Toppan has been supporting their GL barrier with PET film base, now we are adding more options for recyclable grades which is OPP base and PE base GL film.

In Europe, there are many medium-sized and also smaller companies, but with a great innovative power and high flexibility. With which sales strategy does Toppan want to address them?

The strategy of Toppan is not only selling GL film but also promoting Barrier Packaging to end users, meaning the Food Manufactures or the Brand Owners. This will bring more opportunities for Barrier film sales.

Toppan should know and approach those converters with high barrier film solutions or sustainability solutions. This is how Toppan expects Chromos to explore more opportunities such market in Europe.

Chromos has long history and enough knowledge in this industry and the European customers. I know, this is a great opportunity for Chromos and Toppan.

Read the whole interview in our CHROMOS News 2021.

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