FUJINON anti-shock lenses

FUJINON Industrial anti-shock lenses

Harsh conditions often prevail in industrial image processing in particular. In particular, the camera systems must be able to withstand shocks, vibrations and rapid acceleration, for example in robotics applications. At the same time, however, high-quality, high-resolution images need to be captured.

Until some time ago, this was a contradiction in terms. It was hardly possible to create high-resolution images under vibrations or shocks. Today, however, this is possible with special lenses and most FUJINON lens series are now available as shock and vibration resistant models.

How is the anti-shock & vibration function achieved?

FUJIFILM investigated the effects of shocks, vibrations and accelerations in a special test environment. The result was that the optical axis of lenses without anti-shock shifted by up to 26 µm. This data is usually not included in the product details when purchasing lenses, so you are only confronted with this fact after the purchase. By then, however, it is usually too late.

The new lens design with anti-shock consists of an elastic connection of the internal lens structure.

The movement of the optical axis is thus reduced to just 4 µm. This means that flawless and sharp images are still possible despite shocks and vibrations.

What standards do the new anti-shock & vibration lenses meet?

The new Machine Vision anti-shock lenses from FUJIFILM meet the DIN EN 60068-2-6 standard. Even with strong shocks and vibrations of up to 10G, the mechanical and optical elements remain in place and ensure excellent sharpness performance. As a result, you are ideally prepared for the harsh conditions of many applications or you can only take high-quality pictures thanks to these lenses.

Which FUJINON anti-shock lenses are available?

The following FUJINON lens series are currently available with this function:

  • CF-ZA-1S series with 23MP resolution and an image circle diameter of 1.1"
  • HF-12M series with 12MP resolution and an image circle diameter of 2/3" to 1"
  • HF-XA-5M series with 5MP resolution and an image circle diameter of 2/3" to 1.1"
  • HF-HA-1S series with 2MP resolution and an image circle diameter of 2/3"

The video explains the most important advantages of FUJINON anti-shock lenses in more detail. Take a look!

If you would like to improve your images and therefore also your product quality, please contact us for more information.

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