The milestones of CHROMOS Group AG

The Swiss CHROMOS Group celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2021. What began in 1946 with the founding of a trading company for the Swiss printing industry is now an owner-managed group of companies in the 3rd generation with a focus on technology and solution development in the fields of imaging, automation and life science. The company's eventful history was and is characterized by continuous innovation and many milestones.


May 1, 1946

Paul Broglie founds Chromos AG in Zurich.

The first machines with which Chromos makes a name for itself come from England and the USA. From humble beginnings, the company quickly develops into a major supplier to the Swiss graphic arts industry.


After just two years, space becomes too tight and the young company moves to Röntgenstrasse.


Takeover of the representation of the Siegwerk paint factory.
Chromos Grafische Maschinen GmbH is founded in Germany.

The founding of Chromos Grafische Maschinen GmbH in Germany (now Chromos GmbH) marks the first step abroad. The company takes over some of the same agencies as in Switzerland. Ferag from the Zurich Oberland becomes an important partner with its newspaper conveyor belts. The business relationship continues for many years until Ferag takes over the foreign business on its own.


First stand at the DRUPA world trade fair for graphic arts in Düsseldorf.


Chromos achieved its breakthrough by taking over the representation of Maschinenfabrik Goebel.


The first distribution agreement is concluded with FUJIFILM Japan.

The contractual partner is the former Erno AG, which was taken over by the Chromos Group in 1997 and became FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG.


With great foresight, Paul Broglie buys a plot of land in Glattbrugg. In 1988, the "Blue House", the Chromos Group's headquarters, is built on the site.


Stereoprint AG is founded in Au on Lake Zurich for the manufacture and sale of materials for the production of printing plates in countries including England, the USA, South Africa and India.

Stereoprint AG is the only company within Chromos with its own production facilities, along with the later Kelva in Sweden. Production is later discontinued and the materials are sold.



The German company Chromos GmbH moves into its new office building in Schwalbach am Taunus.



25 years of Chromos AG.
Litho Trade AG is founded.

Litho Trade AG is developing into an important supplier for the repro and printing industry as a result of the upward trend in the offset printing process. In addition to FUJIFILM graphic film, printing plates, proofs and equipment, the product range also includes consumables, chemicals and environmentally friendly processing systems.


Prografica AG is founded as the holding company for all companies belonging to the Group.


Rolf Broglie joins the company.

After attending the College of Printing in London and years of training and traveling with various suppliers, Rolf Broglie began his career as a salesman for Goebel machines. A few years later, he was promoted to Managing Director and Delegate of the Board of Directors.


Chromos Electronic AG is founded in response to the rapid development of computer-aided typesetting systems.

With agencies such as Scitex and ECRM, Chromos Electronic AG secures a firm place among the suppliers of these new technologies. In 1992, it merged with Litho Trade AG to form Litho Tronic AG, which in turn was integrated into Chromos AG in 2001.


Takeover of the representation of Domino addressing systems from England.


Chromos Inter AG is founded.

Chromos Inter AG searches the world for new, pioneering high-tech products from all areas of the graphics and packaging industry for distribution on the European market. In 1995, the company is integrated into Chromos AG.


Start of cooperation with Toppan Japan.


Founded in 1970, the Swedish company AB Kelva, a manufacturer and distributor of pumps and railroad cleaning systems, is integrated into the Chromos Group after many years of cooperation.



Foundation and opening of a LithoTronic branch in Bussigny in western Switzerland.
Chromos Chempak is founded in Friedberg near Augsburg.

March 18, 1988

Move to the "Blue House", the new company headquarters in Glattbrugg.

The construction, which began in 1987, was the result of a lack of space and difficulties at the long-standing location in Zurich. The move marks the end of a traditional and fruitful period and the beginning of a new era.


Takeover of the representation of Codimag from France.


The Group expands its international activities with the founding of Chromos Chempak in Vienna and Chromos Iberica.
Takeover of the agencies of Signode and Meypack.


Takeover of the agency of the Japanese printing machine manufacturer Ryobi, today's RMGT.


LithoTronic takes over two important agencies: It becomes an official Apple dealer and receives representation for the new digital printing systems from the Israeli manufacturer Indigo, now HP Indigo.


Merger of the German companies Chromos Chempak and Chromos Grafischen Maschinen GmbH to form Chromos Handelsgesellschaft mbH.


Takeover of Rickenmann AG, which sells Komori sheetfed offset presses, among other things.


In May, Chromos AG celebrates its 50th anniversary and LithoTronic AG its 25th anniversary with a party for customers and suppliers at Circus Conelli.


The Chromos Group takes over Erno Holding, which represents FUJIFILM photo products, among other things. FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG is subsequently formed.


FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG takes over the Colorlabor Jegenstorf from Coop and rebuilds production in Dielsdorf.


LithoTronic AG is integrated into Chromos AG.


Paul A Broglie, founder and patron of the Chromos Group, dies in August.

At the center of his credo was the triangle with the cornerstones of customer, employee and supplier. It was always clear to him that it was ultimately the customers who decided the fate of a company. "Customer values" were not just empty words for him and should continue to be of great importance to the Group.


Stereo Print AG is integrated into Chromos AG. The administration and parts of the Chromos AG sales organization move to the headquarters of FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG in Dielsdorf.


Christian Broglie joins the Chromos Group.
Representation for the Japanese Toyo Ink is taken over.



Daniel Broglie joins the Chromos Group.
With the acquisition of CBC AG, the Chromos Group is entering the large-format digital printing market.


The last business units of Chromos AG move from Glattbrugg to Dielsdorf.


reico Handels GmbH (AT) and reico GmbH (D) are acquired.


The service company IMSAG is integrated into Chromos AG and expanded into a technical competence center.


Christian Broglie takes over the management of FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG.


CHROMOS (Austria) GmbH is founded and takes over the representation of Ryobi sheet-fed printing machines for Austria.
Taking over the representation for Omet.
Taking over the representation for Durst.


Daniel Broglie takes over the management of Chromos AG.


Foundation of Babymü, an online retailer for diapers and baby products. Following a spin-off into a separate stock corporation, this division is sold in 2016.


Chromos AG takes over FUJIFILM Sericol Switzerland GmbH.


Acquisition of Videal AG, a specialized solution provider for high-speed camera systems, and integration into the Industrial division of FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG.


Integration of AB Kelva into Imsag AG. From this point onwards, production is gradually transferred from Sweden to Switzerland.


Integration of Imsag AG into Chromos AG.
Launch of the 3D Solutions division.


Rolf Broglie hands over the chairmanship of the Board of Directors to Peter Urs Naef.
Chromos GmbH moves to Augsburg.
Start of Europe-wide spare parts supply for RMGT.


Commissioning of the HP Indigo training center.


Takeover of the representation of Universal Robots from Denmark.

Universal Robots was founded in Denmark in 2005 and was the first company to produce commercially viable collaborative robots.

July 1, 2020

Merger of Chromos AG and FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG to form CHROMOS Group AG.

CHROMOS Group AG comprises the Printing, Packaging, Industrial, FUJIFILM Photo, Kelva Webcleaning and Service divisions. Subsequently, Prografica Holding AG is renamed Chromos Holding AG.


CHROMOS Group AG celebrates its 75th anniversary.
Integration of reico GmbH (D) into CHROMOS Group AG

March 2022

Following extensive renovation work, the employees of CHROMOS Group AG move into new offices on the company premises in Dielsdorf.


Acquisition of the German DVS System Software GmbH & Co. KG, a leading software developer for the printing, packaging and processing industry.

August 25, 2022

CHROMOS Group AG is celebrating its 75th anniversary on August 25 with customers, suppliers, partners and employees under the motto "BACK TO THE FUTURE".


Merger of reico Handels GmbH and Chromos (Austria) GmbH to form CHROMOS Österreich GmbH.


Acquisition of Vitaris AG, a Swiss life science specialist supplier of innovative laboratory equipment and high-quality consumables. CHROMOS Group AG is thus expanding its two existing areas of activity, IMAGING and AUTOMATION, by adding a third pillar, LIFE SCIENCE.


Peter Urs Naef hands over the chairmanship of the Board of Directors to Markus Wirth.