2020Merger of Chromos AG and FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG to form CHROMOS Group AG
2018Integration of Imsag AG into Chromos AG
2015Takeover of the business units of Videal AG (high-speed camera systems) and integration into the Industrial business unit of Fujifilm (Switzerland) AG.
2013Chromos AG integrates the business units of Fujifilm Sericol Switzerland GmbH
2011Foundation of the B2C business unit “Babymüller” within Fujifilm (Switzerland) AG. New foundation of babymüller AG under the management of Christian Broglie in 2015. In 2016, the unbundling of Babymüller.
2010Daniel Broglie takes over the management of Chromos AG.
2009Christian Broglie takes over the management of Fujifilm (Switzerland) AG. Foundation of Chromos (Austria) GmbH.
2008The service company IMSAG is incorporated into the Chromos Group and expanded into a technical competence centre by integrating Chromos’ sheet-fed printing systems technology service division.
2007The reico Handels GmbH (AT) and reico GmbH (DE) are taken over into the Chromos Group.
2006With the integration of CBC AG Imaging Solutions, the Chromos Group enters the field of large-format digital printing.
2005The administration and sales organisation of the print and material divisions move to Dielsdorf into the building of Fujifilm (Switzerland) AG.
1999Fujifilm (Switzerland) AG takes over the colour lab in Jegenstorf from Coop.
1997The ERNO AG founded by Mr Ernst in 1947 with Fujifilm (Switzerland) AG is taken over as majority shareholder.
1988Move to the “Blaue Haus”, the new own business premises in Glattbrugg.
1982The Swedish AB Kelva, production and distribution company for pumps and railway cleaning systems, founded in 1970, is incorporated into the Chromos Group after many years of cooperation.
1980Foundation of Chromos Inter AG and start of cooperation with Toppan Japan. In 1995, Chromos Inter AG merged with Chromos AG.
1978Foundation of Prografica AG as a holding company of all companies belonging to the group.
1977Foundation of Chromos-Electronik AG for typesetting and the important representation of Scitex, which merged with Litho-Trade in 1991 to form the new company Litho Tronic AG. Litho Tronic merged with Chromos AG in 2001.
1972After attending the College of Printing in London and years of apprenticeship and travelling with various supply companies, Rolf Broglie starts working as a salesman for Goebel machines at Chromos. A few years later, he advanced to the position of Managing Director and Delegate of the Board of Directors.
1971Foundation of Litho-Trade AG – an important step in the wake of the upward trend of the offset printing process.
1964Foundation of StereoPrint AG. “At the top the CM matte…” which merged with Chromos in 2004.
1954With the foundation of Chromos Grafische Maschinen GmbH in Germany, the Chromos Group becomes international. (Today Chromos GmbH). Chromos AG (Switzerland) takes over the representation of Farbenfabrik Siegwerk from Siegburg (Germany).
1946Paul Broglie founds Chromos AG in Zurich, the first company – effectively the parent company – of today’s Chromos Group. In a small office on the Utoquai, with a beautiful view of the lake and sailing ships, he tackles his life’s work.