Our values

In our Charter of Cooperation, we set out in nine values how we want to shape our cooperation together.

The basis for this was laid in early summer 2021 by 109 employees in Chromos Café workshops. A total of 31 values were developed that are important for our cooperation. As a result, a working group was formed with 11 colleagues who condensed the values developed according to their ranking and formulated guiding principles for them. We recorded these values in the Charter of Cooperation and put them into effect on the occasion of the move to the new office premises in March 2022.

Our values


We show respect to our counterpart in the form of recognition and esteem in the same way that we value ourselves.

Team spirit

We work together towards a common goal. We support and help each other. It is the WE that counts.


Thanks to our reflected self-perception, we encounter our fellow human beings and our environment in an open, curious and unbiased manner.


Our activities match our interests and skills, which is why we enjoy our work, go the extra mile and are happy about our joint success. We enjoy what we do and are passionate about our customers, partners and employees and our environment.


We listen actively, ask questions and question, only in this way do we get to know our counterpart better and can walk the path together.


We meet the daily challenges with fun and draw from it the strength for new ideas.

Joy of learning

We are professionals with an innovative spirit who are willing to constantly develop professionally and personally. Chromos offers us a supportive work environment that gives high weight especially to the development of individual curiosity.


We demonstrate professionalism by merging expertise, attentiveness and the ability to act in our work.