Intelligent lighting solutions from Basler Industrial

Intelligent lighting solutions from Basler

Intelligent lighting solutions offer high savings potential

Basler now offers its customers intelligent lighting solutions for image processing systems. This is done in cooperation with CCS, the world’s leading manufacturer of LED lighting for image processing applications.

The comprehensive portfolio of lighting concepts offers many users an intelligent solution. The concepts are designed for Basler ace U and L cameras equipped with the Basler SLP feature. This feature enables communication between the camera and the lighting. The advantage for the customer is based on the reduced complexity of such systems. The reduced complexity allows fast integration of lighting and shortens design and installation time.

Depending on the requirements and application of the systems, there are two possible solutions.

1. The flexible option of using the Basler SLP controller

You choose the best lighting for you. The lighting is then controlled by the Basler SLP Controller. It is physically connected to the camera and communicates with the camera via the SLP feature.

Intelligent lighting solutions from Basler Industrial
Source: Basler

Who is this solution for?

This solution is suitable for users who have experience with lighting systems and whose applications are associated with specific lighting requirements.

2. The easy way with the Basler Camera Light Series

This option lets you select a Basler ace U or L camera with SLP feature. You will also need a Basler Camera Light with integrated controller. Both systems now communicate with each other and the light can be controlled directly via the camera.

Intelligent lighting solutions from Basler Industrial
Source: Basler

Who is this solution suitable for? 

If you want to achieve the best results quickly and your application is less complicated, then you should choose this solution.

What are the advantages? 

This new lighting concept offers not only advantages in faster integration and implementation of the systems, but also better quality. Strobing and overdrive can significantly increase the luminous efficacy and service life of the LED lighting used. All in all, there is a high savings potential in terms of material costs and time spent on acquisition and installation.

According to Basler, you can save 116,000-159,000 euros per 100 Basler systems and per year. They assume average prices and projects. (Savings Potential).

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