Mobile Highspeed Camera solutions for many applications

Mobile Highspeed Camera solutions for many industrial applications

High-speed cameras are used by many companies to solve problems, optimize production or develop new innovative products.

The human eye cannot see all the details in fast processes. Just think of a bottling line that fills thousands of bottles per hour. If you want to further increase the speed and thus your productivity, problems may arise during filling. With a high-speed camera, you can now record the filling process, play it back at a much slower speed and then analyze it.

In research and development, too, you have to solve many small and large problems in order to achieve a breakthrough. Many R&D departments therefore want to invest in high-speed camera systems. After all, new discoveries and significant resource savings are possible.

What are the benefits of using a Highspeed camera system?

Many different applications and problems can be precisely analyzed with a Highspeed camera system.

One of the best-known analyses in recent years was carried out with the fastest Highspeed camera in the world. This was necessary because it involved the analysis of light. The Slow Mo Guys have made a video about this topic:


This photograph of a process that many people experience every day is also very interesting. How does the ink get onto the paper in the printer? 

Watch Drop Test

When developing a very good wristwatch, it is important to know how the watch reacts to external influences and shocks. Many watch manufacturers in Switzerland rely on our cameras and use them regularly.

Highspeed Camera in the packaging industry

The packaging industry is dependent on the smooth functioning of filling systems.

Problems can occur with filling systems, especially when productivity increases due to filling close to the capacity limit. An analysis of slow motion recordings shows possible problems that can then be solved quickly.

For very fast Highspeed cameras, however, the investment is high and the system is usually not flexible. Each use is therefore only possible with prior planning and increased time expenditure. For this reason, these systems are not suitable for quick analyses. High-end Highspeed cameras are worthwhile for more complex problems and applications.

However, there is a solution to this problem: a mobile high-speed camera system. Such systems are highly flexible and can be set up and ready for use in next to no time.

What are mobile Highspeed cameras?

A big factor in the lack of flexibility is usually the need for a computer with the necessary software. This means that in such a case you need to set up a computer or laptop, the software and the high-speed camera. For large problems or stationary use, such systems are very well suited.

However, there are usually various problems in the development that you want to analyze. Mobile high-speed systems therefore make a lot of sense. They are quickly ready for use, small and light and can also record a process for a longer period of time.

Promon Scope G3

One example of a mobile high-speed camera system is the AOS Promon Scope G3. It consists of a portable screen in the form of a tablet, including a touchscreen. Everything is perfectly set up for the high-speed camera and even includes a lithium-ion battery. When used with two cameras simultaneously, a battery life of 1.5 hours is possible. In total, you can record up to 40 minutes at a time, optionally even up to 80 minutes. The system can also be operated with a rechargeable battery. This makes you completely independent of power connections.

Thanks to these features, you can record and analyze a production line, bottling plant or a process in research and development in great detail. For precise recording, you can set event markers and have movements recorded automatically. After recording, you can even carry out analyses directly on the tablet.

Thanks to the possibility of battery operation, even applications that were previously difficult to implement due to a lack of power supply are now possible.

You can use the important Highspeed recordings to further your research and easily solve recurring problems.

A mobile Highspeed camera system brings you significant added value in the form of better and faster analysis. Even with a relatively small investment, you can increase your productivity and avoid long machine and system downtimes. In research and development, you will be able to improve your products even further and make your customers even more satisfied.

You can hire a system from us to see for yourself. No prior knowledge is required, as one of our experts is always on site to take the pictures. These are then made available to you.

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