CHROMOS Group AG continues to grow Group

CHROMOS Group AG continues to grow

We are very pleased to inform you that CHROMOS Group AG is acquiring Vitaris AG, a Swiss Life Science specialist supplier of innovative laboratory equipment and high-quality consumables. With this acquisition, CHROMOS Group AG expands its two existing business areas IMAGING and AUTOMATION by the third pillar LIFE SCIENCE. After announcing the acquisition of DVS, a software company specializing in packaging, a year ago, this is already our second acquisition and underscores the strategic development of our group.

Vitaris AG looks back on a successful company history of 20 years and focuses on applications in the laboratories of biotechnology, microbiology, cell biology and molecular biology with products from more than 20 leading manufacturers. In addition, products for the basic equipment of a laboratory are offered. Vitaris AG is located in Baar and employs more than 20 people.

Several factors tipped the scales in favor of the takeover:

  • For many years, Switzerland has had a unique life science cluster with chemical and pharmaceutical companies as well as companies from the medical technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology sectors, which are active in the entire value chain from research, development and production to marketing. Life science is characterized by sustained growth and exciting future prospects, so from the point of view of CHROMOS Group AG ideal conditions for the choice as an additional pillar.
  • There are many synergies, since on the one hand we already serve certain customer groups in the life science environment, and on the other hand we offer solutions with our main pillars AUTOMATION and IMAGING, which are also highly topical in the life science sector.
  • We share the same business model in which we shape our target markets into effective total solutions with products from leading manufacturers and the in-depth know-how of our employees.
  • Both companies, CHROMOS Group AG and Vitaris AG have based their actions on the same values of an owner-managed SMB for years.

The takeover with the associated opportunities forms part of our long-term development strategy of our group of companies. We are convinced that this acquisition will open another chapter in our successful company history, which will enable us to develop a new mainstay on the one hand and to stimulate our existing core business on the other hand.

Experience from our acquisition of the German software company DVS with its claim “We digitalize packaging” a year ago has shown that such acquisitions generate exciting growth opportunities and create many synergies. We are convinced that the same cross-fertilization will be achieved through the acquisition of Vitaris AG and, together with you as our valuable partners, will open up additional fields of activity for all of us.

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