How do collaborative robots advance your business? Cobots

How do collaborative robots advance your business?

Collaborating robots, also known as cobots, are becoming increasingly important in industry. They enable the automation of many repetitive tasks. Their flexibility and comparatively low investment make robotics affordable for many companies.

At the same time, it is becoming increasingly clear that collaborative robots are needed. Switzerland as an industrial location must increasingly assert itself in international comparison. In view of high location costs and the shortage of skilled workers, more and more companies are therefore considering outsourcing their production abroad.

However, this does not have to be the case. Cobots have already helped some companies in Switzerland to be able to continue producing in Switzerland. How exactly is that possible?

How do collaborative robots advance your business? Cobots

What are the advantages of cobots?

Compared to conventional industrial robots, cobots have several advantages that make it possible for small and medium-sized companies in particular to automate with cobots.

Quick set up

One of the important advantages is the fast setup. Your production does not have to lose productivity for months during integration. Cobots are integrated into your processes in a very short time. Often, the production layout does not even need to be changed.

Easy to program

At the same time, it is very easy to program them. Thanks to the training offers, you can program a cobot yourself within a few minutes to hours. No programming knowledge is required at all. This saves time when you want to customize something quickly.

Flexible to use

The flexibility of the cobots is very important for smaller production sizes. In most cases, a cobot cannot continuously take over a task for smaller production sizes. This is not a problem because the cobot can be changed over within minutes and any number of programs can be stored. Therefore, you can easily use a cobot for several tasks, which it then performs one after the other.

Safe and collaborative

Cobots are collaborative compared to industrial robots. This means that after a successful safety assessment, they can work alongside your employees without protective fences. They support your employees in monotonous and repetitive tasks, for example palletizing or packaging.

Quickly amortized

A final major advantage is the low cost and the resulting rapid payback. For many companies, a Cobot integration pays for itself after only about 180 days. Flexible offers such as leasing allow you to benefit from your new Cobot immediately.

So now nothing stands in the way of automating your production. Would you like to learn more about getting started with cobots right now? Then download this eBook.

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