UV Scale Film

Measuring film for the analysis of the UV light acting on a specific surface.

Functionality of UV Scale Film

In order to determine the amount and distribution of the UV light, the film is placed at the location to be measured and irradiated with UV light. Layers of microcapsules containing a colouring material are attached to the polyester-based measuring film. This material reacts to UV light and produces lighter or darker bluish coloured areas on the film carrier, depending on the intensity.

The product portfolio consists of three differently sensitive measuring foils, which are divided into two types based on the technology used.

Product types UV Scale Film

Low UV light exposure without reduction filter(1 type)

  • In the case of the single-layer film, there are colour-filled microcapsules and a developer on the UV Scale film.

Medium and high UV light exposure with reduction filters (2 types)

  • The two-layer version has a UV light reducing filter over the UV Scale film.


An analysis can be performed purely visually or with the help of a digital evaluation system consisting of the FUD-7010E software and a scanner.

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