Navitar Resolv4k® vs. a predecessor Lenses

Navitar Resolv4k® vs. a predecessor

The new Navitar lens series Resolv4k® has been on the market for some time now. Does this new lens series offer you advantages in your company? We’ll look at a few points and answer that question.

After all, you don’t want to invest in a pointless upgrade. An upgrade should give you advantages in controlling your product quality and should save you further costs. In the best case scenario, customer satisfaction and therefore sales will increase. Does a Navitar Resolv4k® lens offer all this?

Comparison between Navitar 6000 and Navitar Resolv4k®

The Resolv4k® lens series is a new development from Navitar. It was developed especially for newer sensors. So their advantages can be used very well. Especially the higher pixel density can be imaged with the Resolv4k® lenses. This results in much sharper and more detailed images.

Due to the higher resolution, it is therefore possible to map a much larger field of view. Compared to its predecessors, the Resolv4k® series displays a 400-600% larger field without sacrificing image quality.

On the left you can see a recording with a Navitar 6000 and on the right a recording with a new Resolv4k® lens.

Navitar Resolv4k® vs. a predecessor Lenses
Navitar 6000
Navitar Resolv4k® vs. a predecessor Lenses

Ganz deutlich ist zu erkennen, dass die neue Objektivreihe ein viel sYou can clearly see that the new lens series delivers a much sharper image. So you are able to see much finer damage. In addition, the larger possible aperture increases the luminous efficacy of the Resolv4k® lens.

Different visible wavelengths

Die verschiedenen möglichen Beschichtungen der neuen Objektive bieten

The various possible coatings of the new lenses also offer you the possibility of imaging different wavelengths. With the Vis-NIR coating you can precisely inspect a surface by imaging blue light. If you want to detect deeper damage, use the SWIR coating. This is particularly suitable for wafer and solar cell inspection. You can also use the SWIR coating for inspection in the food industry. 

Summary of the innovations of the Resolv4k® lenses:

  • Different coatings are possible (SWIR and NIR)
  • 4-6 times higher resolution
  • Larger possible aperture opening

For whom are these innovations particularly important?

If you need several cameras to capture a certain field of view, you can save money with this lens series. Now you only need one camera with a Resolv4k® lens. The Resolv4k® lens allows you to zoom digitally into the image. Only at a magnification of 4-6 times you will reach the imagequality of a previous lens.      

If you want to continue to display the usual field of view per camera, you now have the possibility to see much more details. With the higher resolution of the Navitar Resolv4k® you now have the possibility to control your production even better. Production errors can be detected much easier and better with this series of lenses. This increases your product quality and your customers gain even more confidence in you and your products.

This new lens series is particularly suitable for quality control in the production of fine and very high-quality products. This makes it even easier for you to ensure high and consistent quality.

More about the Navitar Resolv4k. 

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