Why are there currently longer delivery times for electronic components? 3D-Solutions

Why are there currently longer delivery times for electronic components?

There are a few reasons for the delivery delays for electronic components.

  • Reduced production capacities
  • Increased demand
  • Corona measures in the ports
  • Shipping containers are scarce

The Corona crisis in particular led to major upheavals in 2020. Many manufacturers in Asia had to close factories due to low demand and other manufacturers are struggling with production backlogs. This led to the situation that the production capacities of many companies are already fully booked for 2021.
As the Corona crisis is slowly coming to an end, the demand of many industries for electronic components is also increasing again.

The automotive industry and consumer electronics in particular have higher demand. This demand is often prioritised as many factories have prioritised their production on chips for these branches.

This situation of scarce production capacities and increased demand led to lead times sometimes being extended by several weeks or months.

What do our solutions look like?

It is important to us that you are affected as little as possible by these circumstances and can continue to produce without any problems. We are happy to do our part by suggesting two options.

  1. Order in advance and plan for the long term.
    The current delivery period is very long and may also be extended further by additional developments. Therefore, it is best to plan for the long term and, for example, order electronic components now for delivery in October.

  2. Close a framework agreement.
    You already know that you will need a certain amount of electronic components in 2022? Then sign a framework agreement with us and you will always receive the components you need at the right time.

You want to get rid of this worry? Then contact us and we will find a solution so that you can continue to produce without problems and fulfil the promises to your customers.

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