At CHROMOS 3D Solutions, we only work with the highest quality 3D scanning technology. This includes 3D scanners from Evatronix, as well as handheld devices from Thor 3D. With our automated 3D scan system, consisting of a 3D scanner and a cobot from Universal Robots, we also have a solution for fully automated industrial quality control in house, which we would be happy to demonstrate to you.
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Is an important component no longer available?

We scan it for you, or redesign it based on plans or sketches via CAD. With the 3D data thus obtained, the part can be reproduced by 3D printing. You can print the parts yourself, or make it on our in-house 3D Printing Service.

Success Story: Kelva Webcleaning

Do you want to design a new part using reverse engineering?

Individualized parts can be designed on the basis of 3D scans, for example in the automotive or aerospace industries. For example, a car is 3D scanned and a new front panel is created on the model using CAD.

Success Story: Reverse Customs

Do you want a highly accurate duplicate of a real object?

We scan objects such as art sculptures or historical objects and you receive an exact digital copy. For duplication, further processing or preservation and cataloging.

Would you like to scan a human body?

For custom-made products such as orthoses, prostheses or art objects. Thanks to 3D printing technology, the cost of custom-made products has dropped dramatically. We help you to exploit this potential.


Every object is unique and places very individual demands on the 3D scan operator. Factors such as size, complexity, surface finish play a major role. Opposite you will find some price examples to help you with orientation. Contact our experts for a non-binding offer.


Body part from CHF 190.-
Whole body from CHF 380.-
Vehicle front or side from CHF 650.-
Simple object (40x40x40cm) from CHF 650.-
Complex object (40x40x40cm) from CHF 1500.-

3D Printing Service

At the end of a 3D scan process there is usually a real product. In our 3D printing service you have the choice between 13 different printing processes and many more materials. Thanks to a fair and transparent pricing model with online calculator, you have full control and benefit from decreasing costs for larger quantities.



In most cases, the raw data from 3D scans must be further processed. Here, we are happy to offer our services in the area of CAD to people and companies outside the field. For our CAD service, an hourly rate of CHF 190.- is charged .

  • 3D construction based on sketches or plans
  • Preparation of 3D scan data or new design for 3D printing
  • Reverse-Engineering

We will be happy to make you an individual offer for your data and project.


3D Scanner Rentals

You can also rent a Calibry 3D scanner from Thor3D from us. We offer rentals by the day or by the week and will give you a one-hour crash course along the way if needed. You can find more information about the device in the Datasheet.


Rental period Location Price
Daily rental without instruction 08:00  to 08:00 of the following day Pickup from Dielsdorf CHF 80.-
Daily rental with 1h instruction 08:00  to 08:00 of the following day Pickup from Dielsdorf CHF 270.-
Weekly rent (7 weekdays) 08:00  to 08:00 of the last day Pickup from Dielsdorf CHF 300.-
Weekly rent (7 weekdays) with 1h instruction 08:00  to 08:00 of the last day Pickup from Dielsdorf CHF 490.-


In our 3D scanning workshops for beginners and advanced users, you can learn how to use this exciting technology yourself. In addition, we regularly offer the opportunity to talk to our experts about the possibilities of 3D scanning and additive manufacturing free of charge in our 3D Café. Have a look!

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