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Buying a new Highspeed camera system is not always worthwhile. Especially for individual and temporary projects, such an investment is often not economical. With us, you have the option of renting complete Highspeed camera systems customized to your requirements.

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Whether you need a Highspeed camera for precise analysis, additional equipment or expert support, we offer flexible rental solutions tailored to your needs. We tailor our offers to your individual requirements so that you can use the technology efficiently wherever and whenever it is needed. This ensures that you always have access to the latest technology without having to take responsibility for maintenance or storage - a real advantage that gives you freedom and flexibility in the implementation of your projects.

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Why should you rent a Highspeed camera instead of buying one?

Cost efficiency

Save considerable investment costs and only pay for the technology when you really need it. Our flexible rental options adapt to any budget.

Access to the latest technology

Keep your finger on the pulse with access to the latest Highspeed cameras and accessories without having to make a long-term commitment.

Adaptability and support

Choose exactly the equipment your project requires, with the option of accessing our expertise and technical support at any time.


Everything you need

Our wide range of Highspeed cameras and precision accessories such as lenses, lighting units and tripods guarantee the ideal equipment for all areas of application. We ensure that you receive the right setup for every specific challenge - efficiently and purposefully. Take advantage of our expertise to implement your project with exactly the technology you need.

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Highspeed Rent a camera

Operator included on request

For optimum recordings

Use our operator support to get the best out of your Highspeed shoot. Our specialists will ensure that you find the right setting for every detail - from optimal camera alignment to precise lighting. With this service, we guarantee not only technical perfection, but also a smooth running of your project so that you can concentrate fully on your results.

I received training and was able to borrow the equipment directly from CHROMOS to carry out initial tests with customers. We were therefore able to apply and test the technology 1:1 in industry with a manageable budget. Together with CHROMOS, the project, which was thought to be lost, became a success after all.

Highspeed Rent a camera

Heiner Hausdorf

Key Account Manager & Application Specialist, Burckhardt of Switzerland AG

Rental prices

Discover our flexible rental options for Highspeed cameras, perfectly tailored to your requirements. We offer two main categories: Advanced and Standard.

  • Advanced: Ideal for detailed analyses and high-resolution recordings with extreme frame rates.
  • Standard: Robust solution for long exposures and projects that require a balance between quality and duration.

Both categories are complemented by a wide range of accessories to meet your specific requirements, from lenses to lighting and tripods. Contact us to receive a customized offer.

Price list and further information as PDF: DE | FR | EN

Rental periodPrice per day (Advanced)Total price (Advanced)Price per day (standard)Total price (standard)
1 day2'490*2'4901'390*1'390
2 days1'3903'8807902.180
3 days1'3905'2707902.970
4 days1'3906'6607903.760
5 days1'3908'0507904.550
6 days1'2509'3007005.250
7 days1'10010'4006005.850
8 days95011'3505006.350
9 days80012'1504506.800
10 days60012'7504007.200
*The first day must be booked with an operator
Rental periodAdvanced (without operator)Advanced (with operator)Standard (without operator)Standard (with operator)
2 weeks6'50013'0003'6757'350
3 weeks9'66617'0003'2009'600
4 weeks5'00020'0002'82511'300
5 weeks4'60023'0002'60013'000
6 weeks4'25025'5002'40014'400
7 weeks4'00028'0002'25715'800
8 weeks3'75030'0002'12517'000
12 weeks2'66632'0001'51618'200

Our Highspeed team

If you have any questions or need advice, our competent Highspeed consultants are at your disposal:

Reto Moser

Reto Moser

Highspeed Consultant German Switzerland
Bernard Genoud

Bernard Genoud

Highspeed Consultant French-speaking Switzerland

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