Thanks to the extremely high frame rates of our Highspeed cameras, processes that are invisible to normal cameras can be depicted. In this way, processes in industrial production lines, for example, can be analyzed and possible errors detected. In research and development, too, there is often no way around high-speed images when complex processes need to be analyzed. We offer a wide range of different cameras. Regardless of whether you are looking for a Highspeed camera for normal applications or a system with which particularly long recordings are possible. We even offer mobile systems that can be used particularly flexibly and leave almost nothing to be desired.

Contact our experts and find the ideal solution for your requirements. You can also rent cameras from us at Highspeed !

Vincent Auriau from CHROMOS Industrial on choosing the right Highspeed camera for your project

Mobile Highspeed cameras

Our mobile Highspeed camera solutions can be used anywhere and allow you to image ultra-fast processes when and where you want.


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