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A camera with a proven design that delivers brilliant CMOS image quality.

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Basler boost - CoaXPress 2.0 for high transfer speeds

Thanks to CoaXPress 2.0, the new Basler boost series enables the transmission of high-resolution images at high frame rates. For this reason, Basler boost offers a 12 or 9 megapixel sensor with a maximum frame rate of 68 fps or 93 fps, respectively.

However, the high resolution and frame rate are not the only benefits. CoaXpress 2.0 requires only one cable, which can be used simultaneously for image transmission and power supply.

A transmission speed of 12.5 Gbps is guaranteed up to a cable length of 40 meters. A cable length of over 100 meters is also possible. In this case, however, at a lower transmission speed.

The Basler boost is ideal for upgrading existing older systems or if you need high integration flexibility. It also saves you a lot of extra cable when using a multi-camera system. With the higher resolution and frame rate, you can analyze your images even better and more accurately.

Basler boost Bundle

The Basler boost CXP-12 camera is also available in a bundle with a perfectly matched CXP-12 frame grabber at an extremely attractive price. This interface board, which has been specially designed for the boost, can be easily controlled using the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite. The CXP-12 frame grabber is only available in a bundle with the Basler boost.

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