Commercial sheetfed printing

Commercial sheetfed printing

HP Indigo digital presses are the answer to the challenges of commercial printing. Changing media consumption habits are leading to declining print volumes, while competition for attention is increasing due to the mass of content being distributed. This increases the requirements in terms of flexibility, efficiency and differentiation.

HP Indigo's digital commercial sheetfed presses are the answer to these challenges. All models are specially designed to adapt productivity in commercial sheetfed printing to the changing market environment and technological possibilities.

The integration of automation functions optimizes the workflow and significantly increases the efficiency of your production. At the same time, exciting personalization and individualization options open up, creating unique print products with clear added value for your unique customers.

Premium quality

HP Indigo ElectroInks stand for premium quality in commercial sheetfed printing. These unique inks are based on a special manufacturing process and use HP's advanced LEP technology, enabling a wider color gamut than ever before. They offer the widest variety of individual colors and printing materials in the digital printing industry. The result is printed products that not only look like offset prints, but also feel like them. A wide range of substrates can be printed on, including coated, uncoated and colored materials as well as synthetics and substrates with metallic surfaces. Up to 7 color stations also open up limitless creative possibilities.

Efficiency and automation

Efficiency is the key to fast and cost-effective print jobs, even for short runs. HP Indigo digital presses optimize workflow and minimize downtime. Advanced automation features integrate seamlessly into the process, reducing set-up times and increasing production speed for greater efficiency. With HP Indigo, you can automate workflows from color management to quality control. The result: a smooth production process and a minimized error rate.


HP Indigo digital printing machines open up fascinating possibilities for individualized print products. The great flexibility allows for the customized adaptation of texts, images and variable data. From personalized advertising materials to unique mailings - the variety knows no bounds. With the performance of HP Indigo digital presses, print products are created that not only exceed expectations, but also create greater customer loyalty.

Discover the power of our HP Indigo digital presses and take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital commercial sheetfed printing.