HP Indigo 100K

HP Indigo 100K
The premium model in B2 format

The world's most productive B2 solution for true non-stop digital printing with an output of 6,000 sheets per hour. This breakthrough press is a profit center that lowers your operating costs and enables higher margins in short-run printing.

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With an output of 6,000 sheets per hour, the new HP Indigo 100K digital press is the world's most productive B2 digital printing solution for true non-stop digital printing. A pioneering press that drastically reduces your printing costs. A profit center that enables higher margins in small sheet printing and quick entry into new markets and applications.


Simple installation, intuitive operation, high speed and offset print quality - you can integrate this machine perfectly into your processes. It is quickly ready for use and fits seamlessly into your offset environment.

  • Looks like offset from the outside, but offers the widest range of substrates
  • Highest HP Indigo print quality and unsurpassed color consistency through non-stop color calibration
  • Reliable paper transport thanks to a gripper arm design similar to offset printing
  • Guaranteed uninterrupted production thanks to intuitive and efficient workflow solutions
HP Indigo 100K

The new benchmark for efficiency

Now you can print more efficiently than ever before. Don't block valuable capacity on your offset press by printing shorter runs, but produce them digitally - with higher margins.

HP Indigo 100K

Get started with non-stop printing

Produce one job after another without interruption. Work without interruption with automated feeding, stacking and on-press color calibration.

HP Indigo 100K

Tailored to your requirements

Simple installation, intuitive operation, high speed and offset print quality - this machine fits seamlessly into your processes.

Further information

Print speed4,500 sheets per hour 4/0
6,000 sheets per hour in Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM) 3/0
2,250 sheets per hour 4/4
Image resolution812 dpi at 8 bits; addressability: 812 dpi (virtual 2,438 x 2,438 dpi)
Line grid175, 180m, HMF 200 lpi, 180m EPM
Sheet sizeMaximum sheet size: 750 x 530 mm; minimum sheet size: 510 x 330 mm
Print areaMax. 740 x 510 mm
Paper weight*Uncoated materials: 70 to 400 g/m²; coated materials: 90 to 400 g/m²; thickness: 75 to 450 micrometers
FeedPallet feeder: 850 mm print materials
Loading compartments: two compartments, each for 300 mm print materials
Forklift truckMain storage compartment with 640 mm stacking height and offset shelf
Print server (DFE)HP SmartStream Production Pro print server
Dimensions of the printing pressLength: 9.5 m; width: 4.8 m; height: 2.4 m
Weight of the printing press12,500 kg
Cloud connectivityAbout HP PrintOSX

HP Indigo ElectroInks

Standard 4-color printingCyan, magenta, yellow and black

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