HP Indigo V12

HP Indigo V12
The future of label printing

The HP Indigo V12 Digital Press will be at the heart of the label factory of the future. As the first press based on HP Indigo's LEPX technology, it is as fast as the analog press (flexo) with HP Indigo's extensive digital capabilities.

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The HP Indigo V12 digital press is the first press with groundbreaking LEPx technology. This narrow web solution prints up to 120 meters per minute and offers all the advantages that make label printing with HP Indigo so successful.

The digital label production of the future

Maximize your efficiency, minimize waste and get started with non-stop production.

A unique formula makes it possible

This press with 100 % HP Indigo technology surpasses everything you have ever known and enables label printing in a new dimension. The pioneering LEPxsystem ensures unique efficiency - based on the proven performance features of HP Indigo.

Profitable and absolutely reliable

Do you want to print a wide range of products digitally at extremely low cost? No problem with HP Indigo technology!

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