Printing plates

Printing plates

Fujifilm has established itself as a leading supplier of printing plates for offset printing and sets standards in terms of speed, precision, sustainability and cost-effectiveness. The high-quality printing plates from FUJIFILM are based on either thermal or violet technologies and are available as processless and low-chemistry printing plates.

Prepress is a crucial process step that can make the difference in quality and cost efficiency. Fujifilm's thermal printing plates and UV printing plates are designed to enable short exposure and development times while still delivering razor-sharp print results. Their processless and low-chemical printing plates are not only a testament to their commitment to the environment, but also proof that cutting-edge printing technology and ecology can go hand in hand.

The decisive factors in printing plate processing today also include robustness against mechanical and chemical influences as well as high resolution to reproduce the finest details and color nuances. These aspects are firmly anchored in Fujifilm's product range so that printers can benefit from unsurpassed print quality.



Fujfilm's newspaper printing plates offer industry-leading productivity and quality.