HP Indigo 8K

HP Indigo 8K
Boundless productivity

The HP Indigo 8K is the narrow web solution that combines the productivity of a flexo press with the versatility and quality of HP Indigo. For higher productivity in the pressroom for medium to large jobs.

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This narrow web solution combines the productivity of a flexo press with the versatility and quality of HP Indigo. Optimize your production with a press for digital printing of medium to long runs. Increase your sales by taking on large print jobs in the future: This extremely productive press makes it possible without sacrificing the proverbial HP Indigo quality and versatility. Do you already have an HP Indigo 6×00 digital press? Then you can use it for lucrative small jobs in the future. And your analog presses will free up capacity for simpler large jobs.

HP Indigo 8K


The HP Indigo 8K is our answer to medium to large jobs. From simple to highly creative and complex, customer demands for label printing are more diverse than ever and difficult to predict. In the course of a single shift, you need to be able to switch flexibly to new jobs and adapt precisely to individual requirements and print runs. At the same time, short production times and efficient processes are a must. Thousands of HP Indigo digital presses worldwide set the standard in terms of performance and quality. They enable consistent color reproduction and offer unsurpassed versatility in terms of print media and applications. All backed by powerful tools, support services and continuous improvements. Benefit from this and ensure sustainable success in label printing.

HP Indigo 8K

Productive flexo printing with HP Indigo

Optimize your entire production workflow with a press that combines the productivity of flexographic printing with the benefits of HP Indigo digital printing.

HP Indigo 8K

Unsurpassed versatility in terms of substrates and applications

Print virtually anything - from self-adhesive labels and shrink films to flexible packaging.

HP Indigo 8K

First choice for leading global brands

With HP Indigo's LEP electrophotographic technology, you can meet the stringent requirements of branded companies - in gravure quality.

Further information

Print speed60 m/min. in 4-color mode;
80 m/min. in Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM)
Image resolution812 dpi at 8 bit; addressability: 2,438 x 2,438 dpi HDI (high-resolution image)
Line grid175, 180, 196, 210 lpi
Print area313 mm
Strength12 to 450 micrometers
Substrate typeMaterials for self-adhesive labels and shrink films
Roll widthMax. Width: 340 mm; min. width: 200 mm
UnwinderMax. Diameter of the input roller: 1,000 mm;
Inner core diameter:
Standard: 7.6 cm;
Optional: 15.2 cm;
Max. roller weight: 270 kg
Inline Priming UnitEnables simple pre-treatment of substrates
Rewinder700 mm max. roller diameter
Print server64 cm media
Print serverHP Production Pro for Indigo Labels & Packaging
Dimensions of the printing pressLength: 12.5 m; width: 2.4 m; height: 2.1 m
Weight of the printing press9,566 kg with inline priming unit
Cloud connectivityAbout HP PrintOSX

HP Indigo ElectroInks

Standard 4-color printingCyan, magenta, yellow and black
Further process colorsStandard white, white for sleeves and premium white
HP IndiChrome 6-color printingCyan, magenta, yellow, black, orange, violet and purple for packaging
HP IndiChrome Plus 7-color printingCyan, magenta, yellow, black, orange, violet, violet for packaging and green
HP IndiChrome Off-Press spot colorsHP IndiChrome Ink Mixing Service for the production of spot colors with CMYK as well as orange, violet, green, reflex blue, rhodamine red, light yellow and transparent
HP Professional PANTONE emulation technology with CMYK on press; HP IndiChrome on press; HP IndiChrome Plus on press;
HP IndiChrome Ink Mixing System (IMS) Off-Press for up to 97% of the PANTONE® color spectrum.

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