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As a solution provider in digital printing and exclusive HP Indigo partner in Switzerland and Austria, we offer our many years of experience in sales, application and service for the entire range of HP Indigo printing technology!

Experience digital offset printing technology with HP Indigo and be inspired by the wide range of possibilities.

Innovation and flexibility for your printing projects

Digital printing has been well established in the printing industry for several years and has become an indispensable technology. Digital printing solutions have already undergone several generations of development and benefit from extensive experience that has been continuously improved. In today's world, where print runs are getting smaller and smaller and the need for individualization, automation and sustainability is increasing, digital printing offers significant advantages.

Thanks to its flexibility, digital printing enables the cost-efficient production of small to medium print runs, making it ideal for personalized and individual print products. Automated processes ensure a high level of efficiency and speed, which means that even short-term projects can be realized without any problems. Digital printing also contributes to more sustainable production. Discover how our innovative digital printing solutions can meet your printing needs and give you a competitive edge.


Commercial printing

Commercial printing covers a wide range of products such as brochures, flyers, business cards and invitations. Our digital printing solutions offer the flexibility to produce short runs cost-effectively while ensuring high quality.

  • Short runs: Digital printing is cost-effective for short to medium runs as no printing plates are required.
  • Personalization: It enables the simple adaptation and personalization of printed matter, such as individualized mailings.
  • Fast production: The preparation time is shorter and print jobs can be processed quickly, which is particularly advantageous for orders placed at short notice.
  • High print quality: Modern digital printing machines offer a high print quality that is comparable to traditional offset printing processes.

Label printing

Precision and attention to detail are crucial in label printing. Our digital printing machines enable you to print variable data such as barcodes and serial numbers efficiently and in high quality.

  • Variable data: Ideal for products with changing label information, such as serial numbers, barcodes and expiration dates.
  • Short throughput times: Digital printing offers quick changes between different label layouts, which shortens production times.
  • Flexibility: Enables the printing of short runs, which are often required for product variations.
  • High quality: Digital printing offers excellent color reproduction and attention to detail, which is crucial for high-quality product labels.

Packaging printing

The requirements in packaging printing are diverse. From prototypes to personalized small batches - our digital printing solutions offer the necessary flexibility and speed.

  • Prototyping and small series: Ideal for the production of prototypes and small series before a larger run is commissioned.
  • Time to market: Faster time to market thanks to reduced preparation and set-up times.
  • Customization: Personalized packaging and limited editions can be produced easily and cost-effectively.
  • Sustainability: Digital printing technologies reduce waste and the use of chemicals, as no printing plates are required.

CHROMOS Printing - Your Swiss contact for digital printing

Pioneer in digital printing

CHROMOS Printing has decades of experience in digital printing. Since the early days of this technology, we have worked with the leading providers to always offer the best and most innovative solutions. Our expertise and commitment ensure that our customers always benefit from the latest developments and highest standards in digital printing.


Our extensive knowledge of all application areas in the printing industry makes us a reliable partner for your printing projects. Whether commercial printing, label printing or packaging printing - we understand the specific requirements and challenges of each application and offer customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs.

Technical service

With a comprehensive service and support network, CHROMOS Printing offers a comprehensive technical service, regular maintenance and fast support. This ensures high availability and reliability of your digital printing machines so that your production always runs smoothly.

digital commercial sheetfed printing

The future of digital commercial printing

Experience the benefits of premium quality, unique color and substrate options and efficient production and increase your productivity and automation with the advanced technologies of the HP Indigo ecosystem.

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HP Indigo15K


digital label and packaging printing

For more growth

Expand your possibilities with HP Indigo label and packaging presses and produce all types of labels, folding cartons and flexible packaging. High productivity, individuality and flexibility included.

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further processing

Highest performance

Increased efficiency, quality and flexibility thanks to state-of-the-art finishing solutions.

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