Find out everything about the world of flexographic printing. From prepress and printing to inspection and cleaning.

Preliminary stage

Our product range of workflow software, CTP platesetters, printing plates and the associated plate production (main exposure, post-exposure, washout and drying devices as well as combination devices) covers all process components in packaging printing.


In the printing sector, the product range includes anilox rollers, sleeves and doctor blades and ensures increased efficiency and maximum quality in complex packaging printing production.


With our quality and production control systems, we help you maximize yield in your production processes, avoid unnecessary costs, increase efficiency and improve profitability. Find out more about web cleaning, corona pre-treatment, stroboscopes and viscosity measuring devices.

Cleaning and waste handling

Our range of cleaning systems includes cleaning systems for sleeves, anilox rollers and printing machine parts. Our efficient disposal systems for flexible packaging and label production process edge trim and die-cutting waste from slitter rewinders, die-cutters, coating and laminating machines.